Extracurricular is several activities provided by a school as a place to explore and increase the students’ skill after teaching and learning process. There are several kinds of extracurricular that are usually available at any school. They can be sports, arts, sciences, etc.

SMK 1 Pancasila Ambulu has 18 extracurricular programs that are intended to explore the students’ passion and non academic’s ability. One of them is Dance or Kpop Dance. Herewith, the writer would like to discuss a little about Dance Extracurricular.

What is Dance?

Dance is a modern art that includes our body’s movement which accompanied by music. Dance in several cultures is a kind of expression, emotional, and social interaction or sports and it is also can be used to express the ideas. There are several benefits in doing dancing and one of them is for our body’s health. It is because dance involves several difficult postures and gives endurance to our muscle. So that, dance is also helps us to flatten our belly, form our abs, loss the fat and tighten our legs. Besides that, there are also another advantegs from doing dance, that are: increasing our memories and flexibility, loosening our weight, and making our good mood

(Dance Extracurricular Members)

What is your opinion about that picture?

I am sure that all of you is familiar with that picture. They are the members of Dance extracurricular who always show their best and awesome performances at any event in the school. They are so awesome, right? As you know that Kpop Dance extracurricular in SMK 1 Pancasila Ambulu has started around 3 years ago and before that, it was Western Dances. The reason why they chose Kpop is because they adapt with the latest passion of the young generation. Now, they often choose several kpop songs for the backsound that escorts their dancing. Sometimes, they construct their movement based on their own creativity.

Here, they have a very talented coach that always accompany, support and guide them at any situation. Who is he? He is one of the teachers in SMK 1 Pancasila Ambulu. He is Mr. David Ezra Kurniawan, S.Si.

(Mr. David, the coach of Dance Extracurricular)

Mr. David is a multitalented man. Why? It is because he has several skills. He is good at Mathematic and English. Not only that, he is also good at music and dance. So, becoming the coach for the Dance Extracurricular is not a difficul thing to do for him. He is also very happy because they are many great students who join this extracurricular. They are very energetic, smart, creative and of course they have big spirits.

(The Twelveth Grade Students who Join Dance Extracurricular)

The picture above is showing us several members of Dance Extracurricular who are at the twelveth grade now. They can be said as the senior members. They have a very big motivation to increase their ability and make their team better than before. It is proved by their everyday’s activities. They train almost 6 days in a week, because they think that it can reduce their stress after learning process. Besides that, their togetherness is a thing that can make them laugh and happy.

(The Leader of Dance Extracurricular)

            Wahyu Setiawan, the leader of this extracurricular is a student at XII AKL 1. He shared his opinion related Dance. He is joining this extracurricular because dancing is his hobby and he likes something challenging. Remembering all the movement when he is dancing and following the fast rhythm are something that challenges him, and he loves it. Besides, by listening musics he can feel happy and of course he get many friends and experiences here.

Herewith are several pictures of Dance Extracurricular members.

(Khusnul Khotimah from XII AKL 4)
(Febby Bella from XII AKL 1)
(Karina Agustin from XII AKL 3)
(M. Rizky from XII AKL 4)

Wanna be like them?

Just join Dance Extracurricular at SMK 1 Pancasila Ambulu and if you want to see their performances, you can visit our youtube channel SMK 1 PANCASILA AMBULU.

You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like nobody listening and live like it’s heaven on earth.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Written by: Lana Nofelia Halimatul Ulmi, S.Pd.