What Happened to Colors in the World?

Color is the most dominant element and also the most relative aspect in design and life. Perception of color involves the response of human psychology, when viewed from the psychological or emotional human beings, the meaning of existing colors can show the impression of feelings about something, objects, light, eyes and brains involved in a complex process of sensation and perception. Color can not only be seen by eyes, it can convey messages to influence someone’s behavior, influence aesthetic judgment and also determine whether a person likes an object. Philosophy in color can give a certain impression on a person.

According to the psychology of color, the meaning of color is capable of being interconnected between human beings and the way in which they perceive the colors around. With the philosophy or meaning of color in psychology, making colors becomes an important symbol in the logo of a company or party and can create certain nuances in places such as hospitals, educational institutions, to restaurants.

There are various colors in this world, ranging from yellow, red, green, blue, black, and many others. Each of these colors has its own meaning. For example, red which often connotes strength, adrenaline, passion, and spirit. Green is full of harmony (balance), fertility, freshness, peace, to the effect of relaxation for a person. Yellow that gives the impression of cheerfulness, happiness, energetic, and a sense of optimism. Black with an elegant, mysterious, but attractive impression, and so on. It is these colors that make the world even more beautiful.

However, do you realize that at this moment, the world is losing its color more and more???

If we look at it in detail, the colors that exist in this world is fading. The initial colors are diverse, now there are only a few dominant colors left, such as black, white and gray. One example is in the field of transportation. Can you guys observe the train? The colors of trains in this world are mostly black, white and gray, as well as cars. We very rarely encounter colorful cars along the roads we pass. In addition, some world studies have found that colors are also fading in clothes, restaurants and various logos.

Here are some examples that we can observe.

Source: Google
Source: Google
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From some of the pictures above, we can draw the conclusion that human interest in today’s era for diverse colors is very lacking. So, what do you think about this phenomenon?

Isn’t the world getting more and more beautiful with its variety of colors?

Author: Lana Nofelia Halimatul Ulmi, S.Pd.