Friendship is a kind of a very special relationship. There are two souls in one body and they feel like home where it can be a place to take a rest after a very tiring condition happened. But, how is the way to decide whether our friendship is true or not?

Herewith, the Author would like to mention several characteristics of the true friendship.

  • A good listener

Good friends are good listeners. If you are sad, mad or upset, they will be willing to listen everything from you. They will help you to manage your emotions and find the best way to solve your problems.

  • Sympathy

A good friend will pay much attention to you whenever you need him/her. He will ask to you whether you need any help or if you are not in a good condition. Actually, there are several friends that can be categorized as ignorant, but at the end, you will still feel their sympathy to you. When all the world leave you, they will be always in your side.

  • Losing your stress

One characteristic of the true friends is they will always cheer you up. Sometimes, you will be a friend with someone, if you have similarity. For example, you will laugh together for just a very simple thing. Something that you think that it is so funny, and your friend does.

  • Encouragement

Your best friend is your support system. They will support you like a cheerleader, to make you become strong in facing your problems. You can tell them every of your desires and dreams to your friends. And when you are success in the future, then you know who will be your partner to celebrate your successful.

  • Giving good suggestions

Your best friends will always give you good suggestions. So, just listen to your friends’ opinion or suggestion, although it will be in contradiction with yours. Think about it several times until you find the connection between yours and theirs, because true friends will never torment you. They will say no if you are wrong, then they will also support you if you are really in a good way.

So, that’s all some characteristics that can be explained by the Author. Just find a good person to be your best friend, because she/he will decide how you will be.

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

 – Helen Keller


Author: Lana Nofelia Halimatul Ulmi, S.Pd.