Last month, August, is the most special month in a year for Indonesian people. It is because we celebrate our Independence Day in that time. The people in all over the country welcome the month excitedly. They flap the red and white flags in front of their homes, hold some events, and do a flag ceremony on the 17th August.

Remembering 77 years ago, when the first President, Ir. Soekarno proclaimed our Independence and that was the first time for Indonesian people can breathe freely and feel free from the Dutch restrain. Many heroes also took important roles in this event. Who are they?

In this article, the Author would like to mention several heroes who became the Proclamation figures in the Indonesian Independence.

Ir. Soekarno

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Soekarno, was the proclamation text reader. He was born on June, 6th 1901 in Blitar, East Java. He was active in the several organizations, like being a member of Putera (Pusat Tenaga Rakyat) and the leader of PPKI.

Drs. Moh. Hatta

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Mohammad Hatta also signed the formulation of the proclamation text. He proposed an idea that the proclamation text must be signed by all who were at the Laksamana Maeda’s house at that time. The man who was born in the West Sumatra, August 12th 1902, accompanied Soekarno when he was proclaiming Indonesian independence. He also became the Vice President with Ir. Soekarno as the President.

Ahmad Subarjo

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Was born on March, 23rd 1897, he was the senior hero and the member of PPKI. He also picked up Soekarno and Hatta in Rengasdengklok and decided to hold the proclamataion in Jakarta.


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The wife of the Proclamatory, Ibu Fatmawati was also involved in the Indonesian Independence. She sew the red and white heritage flag that was to be flapped at the ceremony.


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Soekarni was born on July, 14th 1916 in Blitar. During her lifetime, she was active in the struggle of Independence and ever worked in the Domei, News Agency Sendenbu and the Headquarter Seinenden. She also proposed that the proclamation script must be signed by Ir. Soekarno and Moh. Hatta as the representative of Indonesian people.

Sayuti Melik

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Sayuti Melik is the one who typed the Proclamation script, that before was just written down with some changes.

Latif Hendraningrat

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He was a hero that joined Pembela Tanah Air (PETA). He participated in the Independence Day as the flag raiser (the first flag raiser for Indonesia)

Laksamana Maeda

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Laksamana Maeda was a Japanese. He was a Deputy Commander of the Japanese Navy in Jakarta. He allowed Indonesian heroes to use his house as the place to construct the proclamation script.

            That is all above a brief explanation about some heroes and their roles in the Indonesian Proclamation. They had sacrificed everything for our freedom. So, let us as the youth generation, fill in this Independence as the brilliant and useful generation for our beloved country, Indonesia.

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labour in freedom.”

– Albert Einsten.

Author : Lana Nofelia Halimatul Ulmi, S.Pd.

Source: https://news.detik.com/berita/d-5294457/8-tokoh-proklamasi-dalam-kemerdekaan-indonesia-dan-perannya/amp