Holiday, I am coming!!

This time is a the most waited time for all the students. Why? It is because, the long-term study and examination has been done. It is the time to relax our mind and we are ready to welcome our holiday. Making a good plan to spend our holiday is a very important thing to do, because you do not want to waste your time, is not it? You can go to your sibling’s house, hang out with your best friends or maybe go somewhere beautiful with your friends.

Herewith, the Author would like to give you several suggestions related to some destinations places that you can visit in this beloved country, Jember. Those places have very amazing view that can spoil your eyes. What are they?

First, the Love Bay or Teluk Love

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Teluk Love is a tourism destination that can give you a uniqueness of a bay. What is that? A symbol of love. This place is formed a very wide love that can be seen from the hill above that bay. You can take some pictures here with your couples or friends. It is located in Jl. Ambulu – Watu Ulo, Sido Mulyo, Sumberrejo, Ambulu

Second, Papuma Beach

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Papuma Beach is one of the beaches that is located in Jember. This beach becomes one of the most popular destination places in Jember. The beauty of this beach is not less beautiful than the beauty of Triloka Beach in Tanjung Pinang. This beach has wonderful waves and white sand that is spread out widely along the beach.

Third, Payangan Beach

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It is still located at the same area as the Papuma Beach and the Love Bay. Payangan Beach serves several beautiful tourism spots. This beach is well known with its black sand and the natural rocks. Besides, there are also many large rocks that are uniquely shaped, some caves that were built during the colonization of Japanese and also there are four hills there that make the beach becomes more beautiful. The location of this beach is at Jl. Sidomulyo, Sido Mulyo, Sumberrejo, Ambulu.

Fourth, Tancak Waterfall

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The next destination is Tancak Waterfall or Air Terjun Tancak. This waterfall is located around Argopura mountains with the stiff terrain and surrounded by many cliffs. The height of this waterfall is 82 meters with a safe water passage for the visitors. The beauty of natural waterfall in the middle of the forest and the fresh air will spoil every passenger there.

Fifth, Gambir Tes Garden

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            The Tea Garden in the Gambir mountain is one of the gardens that is owned by Kabupaten Jember. Because of its beauty and the fresh situation there, finally this garden becomes one destination place in Jember with its own charm. The beautiful view will spoil the passengers’ eyes while they walk around the garden. Besides that, there are also many additional facilities provided there like gazebo, homestay, swimming pool, etc. the location is in Pasi, Gelang, Kec. Sumberbaru, Jember.

Sixth, Botani Garden

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Besides beaches, in Jember we can also find a garden that serve e beautiful view and education as well. There are several animals and plants that are cultivated in that garden. There are also another facilities like swimming pool, fruit picking tour, gazebo, etc. the location of this garden is on Jalan Mujahir, Sukorambi, Krajan, Sukorambi, Kec. Sukorambi, Kabupaten Jember, Jawa Timur 68151.

            Alright, that is all above the suggestion from the Author for your destinations in your holiday. Actually, there are still many more tourism places in Jember. If you still curious about them, you can just search in the google for further information. The last, Author would like to say Happy Holiday and have a nice holiday for all.

Thank you.

In matters of healing the body or the mind, vacation is a true genius

(Mehmet Murat Ildan)

Author: Lana Nofelia H. U, S.Pd.