What Should I Do to Spend Holiday?

Holiday is the most waited time for all people after a long term of working or studying. We need holiday to refresh our mind and health. So do the students. They are so excited to welcome this holiday. After around 5 months of studying and 2 weeks of doing the examination, holiday becomes the fresh air for them. But, there are still many students confuse about the activities that will be done along their holiday. In this article, the author would like to discuss some holiday’s activites for the students in order to make their time becomes enjoyable and meaningful.

First, you can do your hobby.

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Hobbies are our favourite activities that are done in our leisure time. It is varied for every person. Some people like cooking, gardening, watching K-Drama, playing games, etc. In this holiday, you can do all your hobby, because you have much time now. You don’t need to think of your homeworks from the teachers, tasks for your schools or activities in your studying. So, you can just have fun to spend the time by doing your hobby.

Second, you are also allowed to clean and decorate your room.

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When holiday comes, cleaning and decorating your room is the best activity to do. The author is sure that all of you does not have enough time to clean your room everyday, especially when you still have many things to do during your study. There will be many books are scattered around and many things are not at the right place. So, it is the time. You can put them back at the right place and if you feel bored of your room’s decoration, you can just redecorate it. Then, you will feel more comfortable in your own room and be ready for the activities after the holiday.

Third, going outside and playing with your friends.

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The third choice is going outside with your friends. You can spend much time in your holiday for your friends. You can go to some tourism places or just having lunch or dinner in cafes and chatting about all of the things with them. Sharing about your experiences and plans with your friends will be something fun to relax your mind.

The last is please don’t forget to use your time for reviewing your lesson.

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Reviewing the lesson is also important to do in your holiday. Although it is boring, it will help you to be ready to start your activities after this holiday. You cannot deny that you will come back to your real routine after this. So, preparing yourself for the lesson will avoid you from being stress or lazy to continue your study.

That is all that can be suggested by the Author for all the students who are enjoying the holiday now. I hope that after reading this article, all of you can spend this holiday with something usefull and after that you can have more spirit and motivation to continue the study. Thank you.

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Written by Lana Nofelia Halimatul Ulmi, S.Pd.