My Little Brother and I (Recount Text by Student)

Six years ago, on October, 2nd 2015, it was Friday, and it became the saddest and the most shocking day ever for me. That day, I could just keep silent and stared blankly at the people who came to my house. I felt that day was a day of regret and I always felt irresponsible as an older sister.

            October, 2nd 2015, it was a beautiful morning. I was woken up by my younger brother who was still in the second grade of the Elementary School. My younger brother and I were only a year apart in age, so at that time I never thought that I had a younger brother. I thought I only had a friend at my age living in my house.

            After took a shower, I did some preparations before going to school. My family is not a type of family that always has breakfast together in the morning, so after I did everything, my brother and I went directly to school. It was because my school is the closest  one, so I went to school by bicycle, while my sister and my brother went to school by motorcycle. My mother took them everyday. My mother took me to the school, just because if there were some problems to my bicycle.

            After I came home from school, I went to buy rujak lontong. While I was waiting for my order, I saw my brother had just come from school, with his friends. Then, my order was ready, so I went home directly. At home, I saw my younger brother was getting ready to play with his friends. Before he left, I offered him this rujak lontong, but he rejected.

            At 1 in the afternoon, I decided to play outside because I felt so bored. I played many things before I heard a very loud cry. I immediately ran out of fear, but when I looked ahead, how surprised I was. I was just silent and frozen for a while. I saw my younger brother who was being carried by my neighbour, lying on the bloodied. It turned out that my brother fell down from the Kenetu Fruit tree that the height is about 2 up to 3 meters.

            Still respect and love your brother or sister even if it has to hurt you. a regret really comes at the end.

Me and my little brother

The text above is a type of Recount Text that’s telling about someone’s unforgettable experience

Written By Andini Dwi Cahya Febrianti (X AKL 4)

Edited by Lana Nofelia Halimatul Ulmi, S.Pd.