Being Productive In Ramadhan

It has been more than 10 days we fast in this Holy Month, Ramadhan. It is sure that there will be some differences happened to our daily activities. Some people choose to detract their activities in this month, to maintain their energy when fasting. Actually, that reason is not wrong because when we are fasting, our energy will be limited. But, it does not mean that we can not be productive along this month because of that reason. In this article, the Author would like to discuss several ways to stay productive although we are fasting. Moreover, we have to take advantages to be a better person in this very good month.

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First, get enough time to sleep.

Some experts in the Health Field say that sleeping is very important for our health. Then, how if we have to wake up for doing sahur? To solve this problem, you have to sleep earlier than before. Avoid drinks that contain caffein and try to take a nap for a while every day.

Second, have some nutritious foods when we do sahur.

Remember that we have to eat foods that contain much nutrition and vitamin to keep our body strong. Drinking water can not be forgotten too. That is very important to make our body fresh every day. Drink 2 glasses for sahur, 1 glass for breaking the fast, 2 glasses after praying  Maghrib, 2 glasses after praying Tarawih, and 1 glass before you sleep.

Third, re-arrange our schedule.

It means that we have to adjust our activities with the appropriate time. If we think that the activity needs much energy, then we can do it in the evening (after breaking our fasting) or in the morning.

Fourth, get enough time to take a rest.

Our body needs some times for resting. We can not do too many activities while we are fasting. If you feel bored, you can also go outside for a while to refresh your eyes and mind.

Above are some ways that can be suggested by the Author. Hope that the readers will get beneficial information from this article. “Happy Fasting”

Fasting is only 1% of not eating and drinking. The rest of the 99% is bringing our heart and soul closer to Allah S.W.T.

Author : Lana Nofelia Halimatul Ulmi, S.Pd.

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